Is Your Boyfriend Cheating? 
Here's 3 Ways To Tell. 
Amanda Bucci on September 23rd, 2018 
We all come to that moment girls. The honeymoon period is over, sex is not what it used to be, he's not as attentive as he was in the first few months. Not a big deal.

But then... Sometimes there's something more, isn't there? Sometimes you just have the feeling that there's someone else. 

As we always say at Cheatingradar, trust your gut feelings. Here are three telltale signs that he's probably seeing another woman. 


1. His behavior is different 

Have you started to notice some small changes in his behavior? Start paying close attention, those could be important clues. 

A quick checklist of things to look out for:
  •  He smells different. It could be a new cologne, or even another person's perfume 
  •  His schedule changed. He's coming back later than usual, meeting with his friends at different times, having more work dinners and trips than he usually does 
  • He pays more attention to his appearance. He just got a new haircut after years looking like cousin Itt, he signed up for the gym and he's actually going, or he decided to go shopping for new clothes. Say what? 
  •  He's actually being more attentive towards YOU. Yeah, this can be a bad sign too. Unexpected gifts and being suddenly extra nice could mean he's trying to distract you from what's actually going on 

2. He became more secretive
  •  The flash shutdown. He's completely immersed in some chat on his phone/tablet, but as soon as you approach whatever screen he was on disappears. For Apple users this manifests itself with a frantic combo of double-click and swipe-up motions. 
  •  Password spring cleaning. You of course know his pin number  the password he uses for everything from FB to his bank account (that's of course your name with some numbers). If they have inexplicably changed recently, there might be some secrets hiding there 
  •  Ring-and-Run. As soon as his phone vibrates or rings he sprints off the couch to pick up, maybe moving out to the balcony, ever mind it's 14 degrees out there. And when you ask 'who was it', the answer is 'oh, nobody'. Yeah right.  
3. You actually manage to catch him!

You didn't expect this now did you? Of course the best way to tell if he's cheating is to try and catch him! 

There's a few ways to trick him, and some more extreme solutions too. 
  •  Talk to his friends.  He's allegedly been hanging out with the guys a lot, going to games and so on. The next time you see his friends, why don't you ask them if they had fun two weeks ago? If they stare at you blankly you're on the right track  
  •   Catch him in a lie. Ask him where he went one day or one evening. After a week or so ask him again. Do the stories match? Is he annoyed that you keep asking him? Nervousness around questions can be a telling sign too 
  •  Check his social media accounts. This is of course harder, as you might not have access to his accounts. If you do, social media is a great place to unearth conversations, especially on FB Messenger. 
  • Check his phone. For the real pros GFs only, the ultimate way of discovering what's going on is checking your partner's phone. Call logs, messages, chats, emails, proof of cheating can be anywhere. 
A truly dedicated, smart and tech-savvy cheater won't be fooled by any of the techniques above. 

Luckily for you friends, Cheating Radar has the remedy and it's called Publicseek. 

Thanks to a brand new collaboration with monitoring software mSpy, this tool will allow you to know WHO he's texting AND to get access to his text messages, emails, chats, apps and much more. All from your computer or phone, remotely. 

Start by searching your BF's phone here, or a number he's been texting. Complete the flow and purchase the bundle. It's cheap, and worth every penny, you won't regret it. 

Some advice 

Healthy relationships should be based on trust. The first thing you should do if you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating is confront them and open up about how you feel and why. 

The natural reaction to this is of course denial. Use that to your advantage, and ask them to prove it to you by letting you use the full range Publicseek and mSpy tools on their device. They won’t be able to say no, and you’ll be in full control of who they talk to and who they see. 😉
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