He Cheated On Her And This Is How She Found Out
A real-life cheating story 

Posted on September 25th, 2018 
I used to blame myself for being too possessive and jealous. I wanted to give my boyfriend more space and not be so controlling. I told myself I was being crazy and insecure. 

Everything at home kept on functioning as usual, he left for work and came home at the same time, we had our weekend rituals, planned holidays, met friends and family. Meanwhile, I had a feeling I couldn’t shake off, something was not right… So I observed him closely. 

As it goes, I started noticing subtle changes in his attitude and behavior.

He was just a bit more distant. 
He started having small mood swings and lost his patience over small things. 
He was absent-minded, he would occasionally forget dates and appointments. 
He didn’t initiate sex that often.
He took just a bit more care of his appearance.

Another thing I noticed: he always had his phone on him whereas before he would leave it on the kitchen counter or on the bedside table when he was home. So I knew the device could help me find out what was happening without having to ask him directly… because of course, if I had confronted him with the question of cheating he would tell me I was crazy. 

Even if I could quickly grab his phone when it wasn’t locked I would need time to look through the content. 

I thought there was no way to get permanent access to his device until I found out about this app called mSpy. I was going out of my mind and I know this was stupid and I shouldn’t have done it but I secretly downloaded the app on his phone while he was sleeping. 

I found the most convenient mSpy offer on Publicseek, which actually allowed me to get monitoring AND access to background checks for much less than the normal retail price. 

Now, I don’t recommend you should do this as it is illegal. And I would have normally never done something like this but I was bordering a mental breakdown…. 

In any case, once I had started monitoring his phone I could finally put my mind at ease and access all his phone activity from my laptop. And I mean, I could see EVERYTHING, where he was, his texts, messaging apps, the apps he had installed, Facebook, Insta, the works. 
It only took a few minutes to get and activate. 

I took my sweet time to search through all his activity from my phone. It wasn’t easy to find but there it was, in his work emails. I finally had proof he was secretly having an affair with his work colleague. They had been good at hiding it and it went back months! I felt like such a fool, I had wasted my time with a man that didn’t love or respect me and now thanks to PublicSeek I could gather my strength, armed with all the proof I needed and end the relationship.   

My advice to all the women out there is to trust their gut feeling, don’t let anyone tell you are crazy! And if you need a little help to figure stuff out, trust  Publicseek to be on your side.  
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