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How Technology Can Help You Catch A Cheater
Posted on October 15th, 2018 
Technology helps us more and more in our daily life, but its possibilities are not limited to online shopping and finding a good restaurant. Cheating has become a lot easier than ever before too. Here's some tips on how to use technology to find out if your partner is having some fun behind your back. 

1. Browsing history and cookies 

Every page we visit on the web leaves a footprint. Whenever you access a site, even for a few seconds, that visit gets stored in the browser's history. On most browsers, like Chrome or Internet Explorer, it's really easy to access this list from the top menu. If your partner isn't careful and browses dating sites, or even adult sites, from a device you have access to, you'll be able to quickly get proof of their infidelity. 
2. Stored passwords and auto login

Similarly, most sites and browsers allow you to store your username and password so that you don't need to input them every time. Most people forget what sites are readily accessible on their computers or phones. If you are suspicious that your partner might be having an affair, spend some time digging into his online behavior. You'll be surprised at what you can find. 
3. Device control software

A rather extreme solution for sure, but very effective. Keyloggers (sofware that allows you to record any typing on any device) and phone activity control applications are readily available. These products are normally developed for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids, but can of course be used for other purposes. 

Be careful though: depending on where you live, not telling your partner you are monitoring their device can be considered an invasion of privacy. You should do your homework before you decide to go ahead. If you do, we recommend you check out this website.
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4. Social Media 

According to Trustify, over 30% of men cheat via social media. Getting into your significant other's Facebook or Snapchat account is much easier than you think. As mentioned before, most people never log out of websites. You only need to find the right moment to get close to their unlocked laptop or tablet, check their messaging apps and most used social media, and job done. 

Alternatively, simply ask them to show you what's going on in there. If they have nothing to hide, they'll comply without problems. 
5. Statements and automated emails 

If you have a shared bank account, start paying attention at what items appear on the statement. Is there anything suspicious? Purchases from stores you have never heard of? Payments for a phone line that you know nothing about or for hotels you never stayed at? These are all useful breadcrumbs to start a serious investigation. 

If you manage to sneak into your partner's email account, try to locate any unfamiliar bank statement, phone line monthly summary, credit card bill and so on. Many experienced cheaters are well versed at covering their tracks with side bank account and a second, secret phone. 
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