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Do you think your partner is cheating? The ultimate tool to find out is now available. 
Posted on September 9th, 2018 
There are so many websites out there that claim you can find out if your partner is cheating, and let us tell you that most of them are big fat FAKES

Most services claiming to allow you to discover cheating are background check sites. If you don’t read carefully what’s on the label, you might be persuaded to think that they can show you the content of your partner’s texts, emails and so on. 


A normal background check tool can help in your search for proof of cheating, but not in the way you think. Here's how to use these services: 

1. You enter a phone number your partner has been texting
2. You register on the site, and pay the required fee to see the results 
3. You find out who the number belongs to. That’s who your partner has been texting (probably). 

This information is useful of course, and it often includes more details about the person, like email addresses, location and social media profiles. However, it doesn’t get you any closer to a definitive answer. 
The Ultimate Tool 

One background check site has decided to go the extra mile - it was about time!

Publicseek now offers the option to buy unlimited background search access AND access to sms, instant messaging apps and a lot more device content via a service called mSpy. 

In a few clicks you’ll be able to gain access to your partners phone content and see what they’ve been up to.

This is a new offer on the market. It's the first time a background search tool includes in its membership a service like mSpy. For now, you can select either the standard or premium 1-month option, or the standard 3-month option. You'll then be able to renew your membership if you like the service. 

Some advice 

Healthy relationships should be based on trust. The first thing you should do if you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating is confront them and open up about how you feel and why. 

The natural reaction to this is of course denial. Use that to your advantage, and ask them to prove it to you by letting you use the full range Publicseek and mSpy tools on their device. They won’t be able to say no, and you’ll be in full control of who they talk to and who they see. 😉
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